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Hello friends and family,

Oh boy...now I done did it.  I have registered to participate in Paddle NYC 2018.  Hopefully not too big a bite to get down.  I am excited though; another reason to go paddling..."training."  The event and the scene should be interesting; certainly a new experience. 

Each participant is expected to raise a minimum of $1000 for environmental preservation and a number of non-profit autism organizations.  Please consider making a donation above.   

Knowing that there are those who decided to donate; putting skin in the game in support of the cause, will definitely add additional motivation to paddle for the finish.  Follow me on Facebook at Chick SUP.

All the best and many thanks for your support of SEA Paddle NYC and its beneficiaries.  Together we can help make a difference.

Bill / Billy / Chick / William

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  • Grizzly (about a day ago)

    Paddle on and on and on.....

  • Merry (about a week ago)


  • Elizabeth (about a week ago)

    GO GO GO

  • Charlie (about a week ago)

    Happy paddling

  • Carol (about 2 weeks ago)

    You go Chick !!

  • William (about 2 weeks ago)


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What: 2018 SEAPaddleNYC
When: Saturday August 11, 2018 at 09:00 AM

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