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I LOVE THIS EVENT!!! Not only does it challenge you mentally and psychically but it raises money for great causes.

Please join me for my sixth SEA Paddle NYC.




  • JEFFREY (about 2 days ago)

    Good luck my brother...hope it's a beautiful day!!

  • gordon (about 5 days ago)

    Proud of You!

  • misha (about a week ago)

    go get em!

  • Adam (about a week ago)

    Best of Luck Edmonds! The UFP Team

  • Andrew (about a week ago)

    Best of luck Edmonds, here's hoping for good weather and following currents.

  • Avery (about a week ago)

    Go Ed! Love supporting you in this great cause...

  • Chris (about a week ago)

    Let's get one for the good guys! Pura Vida!

  • Marjorie (about 2 weeks ago)

    Go Edmonds!!!! Nat & Marjorie

  • David (about 3 weeks ago)

    Have a great ride!

  • Edmonds (about 3 weeks ago)

    Go Big or Go Home!!! Who will match my 5k?

My Status
Number of pledges received: 12
Goal achievement: 56%
Number of page visits: 162
Days left before event: 20

Event Information
What: 2018 SEAPaddleNYC
When: Saturday August 11, 2018 at 09:00 AM

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Overall Event Goal: $200,000

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#1 Edmonds Bafford $26,730.00
#2 victor rallo $3,625.00
#3 Michael Miranda $2,965.00
#4 Jeremy Julio $1,985.00
#5 Dion Nicely $1,839.00

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#1 Team THREEPEAT $4,765.00
#2 CLIF BAR $4,636.00
#3 South Shore Paddleboards $4,570.00
#4 Luna Bar 2018 $2,710.00
#5 Hornet Watersports $1,435.00