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Hi There,

Thanks for visiting my support page for SEA Paddle NYC 2018.

The training for this race has been far more intense than I expected.  It began in earnest in May and it hasn't let up since.  My wife Anne and daughter Skye Lily have been very patient with my relentless schedule.  There are some days when I have to drag myself out there, whether it's running, paddling and/or weight training.  The paddling days have presented moments when - usually between sets - I stop, look up and take in the beauty of my environment.

That's why I'm doing this paddle and why Surfers' Environment Alliance and organizations like them are important causes.  With all the issues affecting our coastlines around the world, we will lose the ability to escape into its beauty if we don't act in its defense.

Most people who know me know that I sit on the board of SAVE THE WAVES, another surfer driven coastal environmental protection group.  Competing in this race is also a respectful statement of my commitment to the work I do for them.

I thank you so much for your support, your donation will be put to very good use.

Paddle on!



  • Peter (about a month ago)

    It's late!

  • Felix (about a month ago)

    Best of luck with it Christian. I'm hoping you come within the top 3 finishers. No pressure.

  • Kevin (about a month ago)

    Best of luck Christian!

  • Michelle (about a month ago)

    Can’t think of a more worthy Waterman to support ??????

  • Hans (about a month ago)

    Legend. Carry on

  • Bob (about a month ago)


  • Brandon (about a month ago)

    You are an Inspiration

  • Michael (about a month ago)


  • Jeff (about a month ago)

    Paddle on CC, hope to see you in the waves soon!

  • Cynthia (about a month ago)

    Good luck! Paddle hard and enjoy.

  • Joshua (about a month ago)

    Go go go!

  • Ryan (about a month ago)

    You better with this damn race!

  • Martin (about a month ago)

    go for it, christian! we are rooting for you!

  • Alistair (about 2 months ago)

    Go for it little Bruv

  • Simon James (about 2 months ago)

    You crazy!

  • christian (about 2 months ago)


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