Participants List

First Sbup Last Organization Team Name
Alyson Follenius 1982 Luna Bar 2018
Andi Traynor    
Anthony Galang    
Austin Grippo Surftech- The Original Board Company  
christian charles Save The Waves  
Christian Miranda   CLIF BAR
cynthia aguilar    
Eric Fox    
Eric Enrique Enrique Law Firm  
Eric Diana   South Shore Paddleboards
Evelyn ODoherty Clif Bar Luna Bar 2018
Jack Egan   CLIF BAR
Jack Martin   CLIF BAR
John Judge   South Shore Paddleboards
joseph mcmaster    
Josette lata    
JULIE MUNACO   South Shore Paddleboards
Karen Marvin South Shore Paddleboards South Shore Paddleboards
linda cirigliano   Luna Bar 2018
Michael Miranda   CLIF BAR
Michelle Currier   Luna Bar 2018
Nicole Iacovetta   Luna Bar 2018
Paulo Kaiser    
Philip Ramstack    
Scott Tyrrell   CLIF BAR
Scott Feierstein   CLIF BAR
Sea Surfer    
Shane Peterson    
Terence omalley   CLIF BAR
Wayne best 1973  
William Keyt    

Total Raised to Date:


Overall Event Goal: $200,000

Top 5 Fundraisers

Rank Name Amount
#1 Michael Miranda $2,465.00
#2 Eric Enrique $1,355.00
#3 John Judge $1,125.00
#4 Eric Diana $900.00
#5 Paulo Kaiser $621.00

Top 5 Teams

Rank Team Name Amount
#1 CLIF BAR $2,815.00
#2 South Shore Paddleboards $2,525.00
#3 Luna Bar 2018 $450.00