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This will be my 6th year paddling to raise money for kids with autism. I got involved after I saw first hand what surfers healing offers these kids and because my cousin Taylor was diagnosed at a young age. Taylor has a true love for the ocean and has been lucky enough to experience Surfers healing. My goal is to never miss a paddle year after year because I have seen first hand what the ocean can do for people, it is an experience of unlimited potential. An unamed SEA member told me once his goal was to some day "write a check that fully funds Surfers Healing." My goal is to help them reach that goal. Please help me help other kids get to feel the inexplainable joy of the ocean. Every dollar counts!


  • Shanna (about a week ago)

    Good Luck Ryan!! XOXO

  • Sandie (about 2 weeks ago)


  • Nancy (about 2 weeks ago)

    Good luck this year Ry!!

  • matt (about 2 weeks ago)

    go get it

  • Ryan (about 2 weeks ago)

    From John Anastasia

  • Dave (about 2 weeks ago)

    Hi Ryan

  • Matthew (about 2 weeks ago)

    Good luck bud!

  • Susan (about 2 weeks ago)

    Best of Luck neighbor!!!!! Peace Susan & Ray

  • Anne and Shawn (about 2 weeks ago)

    Gooo get 'em

  • Cassidy (about 2 weeks ago)

    Good luck Ryan!

  • Guy (about 2 weeks ago)

    Good luck Ryan!

  • Emil (about 2 weeks ago)

    Keep up the strong showing!!

  • Steve (about 2 weeks ago)

    Good Luck!

  • Scott and Ruth (about 2 weeks ago)

    Enjoy the ride

  • Johnathan (about 2 weeks ago)

    Hope this little bit helps! You got this! - Johnathan & Pony

  • Ryan (about 2 weeks ago)

    From Pete Keeshan

  • Carlie (about 2 weeks ago)

    Proud of you Ry!

  • Frank (about 2 weeks ago)

    Atta friggin boy.

  • Fran (about 3 weeks ago)

    Very Proud of You!

  • Bob & Meg (about 3 weeks ago)

    Great cause, congrats on your efforts

  • Peter (about 3 weeks ago)

    Go for the gold!

  • Paulo (about 4 weeks ago)

    Sorry I won't be paddling around NYC with you this year, dude. Be sure to represent all of us paddling dads with no time to train!

  • Daniel (about a month ago)

    Go Ryan!

  • Bonnie (about a month ago)

    Thank you for doing this!

  • robbie (about a month ago)

    So proud of you, so happy to donate, Go Ryan! Love you! Mom and Dad!

  • Marla Jim (about a month ago)

    Do it! ... for all the kids ??

  • Lewis (about a month ago)

    Paddle On!

  • Maddie Moo (about a month ago)

    Course record or money back

  • Russ and Teddi (about a month ago)

    Good luck and great cause!

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