Julie Munaco

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Through every stroke of my paddle I will help the world be a better place. 


  • Carol (about a week ago)

    You go girl!

  • Beth (about 2 weeks ago)

    You are an amazing woman. Proud to know you!

  • Laura (about 2 weeks ago)

    Good Luck tomorrow! ??

  • Kelly and Ane (about 2 weeks ago)

    Good Luck!

  • Peter (about 2 weeks ago)

    Good luck!

  • Butch (about 2 weeks ago)

    Best of luck

  • Jeannette (about a month ago)

    You go, Girl!

  • Lisa (about a month ago)

    Thank you Julie!

  • Donna (about a month ago)

    Gotta admire your energy, passion and commitment- good luck and enjoy!!

  • Peter (about a month ago)

    Great Job and Good Luck from The Pace Companies

  • Hillary (about a month ago)

    Go kick some ass and paddle hard! Wish I could go with you.

  • Michelle (about a month ago)

    You always make the world a better place!!!

  • Frank (about a month ago)

    Good luck from Poppa Cheech!

  • Jamie (about a month ago)

    You've got this, Cuz!!

  • Stacey (about a month ago)

    Go Jules!!! XOXO

  • Maria (about a month ago)

    U got this girl!

  • Angie (about a month ago)

    Great cause! Happy to help :)?

  • Linda (about a month ago)

    Your way to make the world a better place. Thank you.

  • Jonathan (about a month ago)

    Good luck but we know your bomber strong you got this

  • Jeanine (about a month ago)

    Go Shiney! We love you

  • Stephanie (about a month ago)

    Hope your wearing a wet suit ! Good luck and have a blast!

  • Chris (about a month ago)


  • Denise (about a month ago)

    Good luck Julie, and tnx for doing this.

  • Christopher (about a month ago)

    We admire the Franks Jr and Sr happy to support a worthy cause. Godspeed.

  • Debbie (about a month ago)

    Go Julie!!!!

  • Laurel (about 2 months ago)

    So glad to support you in this good deed sis!

  • Irene (about 2 months ago)

    I am in awe of your accomplishments on the board!

  • Melissa (about 2 months ago)

    You go girl!

  • Nicole (about 2 months ago)

    You're amazing!! Miss you friend ????????

  • Alice (about 3 months ago)

    You go, Girl!!!

  • Lysa (about 3 months ago)

    You go girl!!

  • Jamie (about 3 months ago)

    It won't take my money. Please advise.

  • Robin (about 3 months ago)

    Thanks for your dedication to a great cause!

  • Jayson (about 3 months ago)

    Go Sis....Beware of sharks and sewage

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Number of pledges received: 44
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Days since event: 14
I am a member of 'South Shore Paddleboards'
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What: 2017 SEAPaddleNYC
When: Saturday August 5, 2017 at 09:00 AM

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