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Thank you all for visiting my page. This event seems to cover so many things that I am passionate about, and for that reason I refuse to let it pass me by. 

The Surfers' Environmental Alliance (SEA) has started this amazing event to raise funds to create grassroots programs to keep our beaches and oceans clean. There are few places I enjoy spending my time more than in the water. In addition to raising funds for their great organization, we will be taking part in a beach clean up effort at Brooklyn Bridge Beach. Why rely on others to take care of our environment, when we can start doing it ourselves?

SEA also has several other beneficiaries that mean a lot to me. The Best Day Foundation, Surfers for Autism, and Surfers Healing are all amazing organizations that provide the coaching and resources necessary to give kids with special needs the opportunity to learn to surf. Surfing has been the sport I have enjoyed more than any other, and I am proud to support any organization that gives everyone an opportunity to learn. 

I appreciate all of your support as I take on this awesome adventure!


  • Kate (about a week ago)

    Such a great cause! Good luck, Jimmy!

  • Christopher (about a week ago)

    Good Luck Jimmy!!!

  • Jane & Mark (about a week ago)

    You are fabulous! Knock 'em dead!

  • Michael (about 2 weeks ago)

    Great cause Jimmy!

  • Nancy (about 2 months ago)

    I love your enthusiasm for life.

  • Michael (about 2 months ago)

    Good luck Jimmy!

  • Lauren (about 2 months ago)

    Always follow your dreams!

  • Tony (about 3 months ago)

    Yea Jimmy!

  • Donna (about 3 months ago)

    Good Luck Jimmy!

  • Frank (about 3 months ago)


  • Julie (about 3 months ago)

    You go, boy!

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